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Piano Lessons in Fort Worth

Your Child Will Love Taking Piano Lessons With Us

Too often we hear stories of kids who dread their piano lessons. They feel unmotivated and bored. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to make music lessons fun and productive so that your child looks forward to every lesson with us.

When your child takes piano lessons with us, they will be excited about each lesson. They’ll be studying with a teacher that:

Because our piano students get the right balance of encouragement and high standards, they enjoy getting the music they want to learn along with what we know they need to learn.

Check out what this mom had to say about how her daughter’s piano lessons with us have boosted her self-confidence:

Why Fort Worth parents choose us for their child’s piano lessons


Give your child the gift of learning piano from a Fort Worth music school that will provide the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and self-discipline. Book your trial private lesson ($15) or attend a free band rehearsal or class today and see if we are a good fit for your family!

"Before starting lessons, I only knew how to play part of one song and had no other knowledge of the instrument. Now I am able to play multiple songs, scales, chords, and the proper form to play. Eric also helped me be able to read music and develop a good practice ethic. He was able to relate to me very well and did a very good job showing me what I need to do in order to become a better musician." ​- Harrison

Here's How We're Going To Do It:

Schedule your introductory music lesson at our Fort Worth school

Follow our simple, easy-to-follow plan for your child's success

Receive expert feedback and instruction, achieve results, and have fun!

Love Every Lesson Or Your Money Back

We are so confident you will love every lesson at Fort Worth Music Academy that if you are ever dissatisfied with any lesson you attend, call or email us within one week of the attended lesson and we'll refund you 100% for that guitar or piano lesson.
We will transform your child from being filled with self-doubt to feeling confident, smart, and creative. Music Lessons That Make Learning Fun And Easy
We help kids develop self-confidence, creativity, and self-discipline through fun and engaging music lessons in a welcoming community located in West Fort Worth.