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Kids Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth

Your Child Will Love Guitar And Believe They Can Become Great When They Study With Us

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There’s something special about being part of our kids guitar lessons program in Fort Worth.

Call us at (817)420-6462 to schedule your child’s first lesson. See if they’re ready to learn the guitar at a school that teaches them a uniquely fun skill that they will have for life and where they’ll make friends that inspire them to keep playing.

"My favorite part about taking guitar lessons is watching myself get better over the years because I have more fun playing. I like my instructors because they help me get better, they're fun to be around and they push me to get better." ​-Willing

Your Son Or Daughter Will Fit Right In With Us!​

Your child might be excellent at competitive sports and want to play guitar also, but for many kids in Fort Worth, they feel like they don't fit in because they'd rather get creative with drawing, reading, or building with Legos than play soccer, basketball, or football. If your child falls into this category, like my daughter does, come see us. We take kids that feel like they haven't quite found their "thing" yet and get them involved in an activity many parents miss out on for their kids: guitar lessons!​

How Does Unlimited Guitar Lessons Sound?

Imagine a place where kids can attend as many guitar lessons as they want each week, practice with a professional guitar teacher every time they play, and make music with their peers whether they've been playing 5 days or 5 years. That's what we've created with our Unlimited Guitar Lessons program. We've removed the hurdle of struggling to practice at home. The best part is, it's a total blast! We'll keep you informed of their progress every step of the way and keep your child focused on their specific goals at their unique level.

Why Parents Love Fort Worth Music Academy For Their Child's Guitar Lessons

  • Have a BLAST with the ultimate music lessons experience- small group, bands, private lessons
  • Feel like a rock star and build self-confidence performing at our live concerts
  • Make friends and join our music family- we have the best students and families. Seriously
  • We’ve removed “boring” from our vocabulary
  • ZERO practicing at home required!*
  • Convenient Location in West Forth Worth
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Here's How We're Going To Do It:

Schedule your introductory guitar lesson at our Fort Worth school

Follow our simple, easy-to-follow plan for your child's success

Receive expert feedback and instruction, Achieve results, and Have fun!

Love Every Lesson Or Your Money Back

We are so confident you will love every lesson at Fort Worth Guitar Academy that if you are ever dissatisfied with any lesson you attend, call or email us within one week of the attended lesson and we'll refund you 100% for that guitar or piano lesson.
We will transform your child from being filled with self-doubt to feeling confident, smart, and creative. Music Lessons That Make Learning Guitar Fun And Easy
We help kids develop self-confidence, creativity, and self-discipline through fun and engaging guitar lessons in a welcoming community located in West Fort Worth.