We Won't Make You Famous, But We Will Make You A Great Guitarist!

adult guitar lessons in fort worth

Are You Stuck In The Black Hole Of YouTube Guitar Lessons?

You know how it goes: you search “how to play guitar,” find a great video and get to work… for about 5 minutes. Then boredom or frustration sets in. You choose another video and get lost in the endless onslaught of information, confused and doubting yourself.

The problem- you never actually get anywhere with your playing!

End The Frustration. Let Us Help You Become Great At Guitar​​

We’ll help you learn guitar with a clear, easy-to-follow plan that allows you to actually enjoy playing. After teaching over 1,000 students in Fort Worth over the last ten years, we know how to help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be.

Did you know- over 30% of our students are adult guitarists! We will guide you every step of the way. Become a guitar player that your friends and family admire and start enjoying the process of learning to play the guitar!

"I've learned more in 2 years with guitar lessons at Fort Worth Guitar Academy than in 35 years on my own."        -Don

Here's How We're Going To Do It:

Schedule your introductory guitar lesson at our Fort Worth school

Follow our simple, easy-to-follow plan for your child's success

Receive expert feedback and instruction, Achieve results, and Have fun!

Love Every Lesson Or Your Money Back

We are so confident you will love every lesson at Fort Worth Guitar Academy that if you are ever dissatisfied with any lesson you attend, call or email us within one week of the attended lesson and we'll refund you 100% for that guitar or piano lesson.
We will transform your child from being filled with self-doubt to feeling confident, smart, and creative. Music Lessons That Make Learning Guitar Fun And Easy
We help kids develop self-confidence, creativity, and self-discipline through fun and engaging guitar lessons in a welcoming community located in West Fort Worth.