How To Quickly Master Scales

May 24, 2019

Have you wondered why it’s sometimes hard to play scales? Or maybe you feel scales are not that hard, but they aren’t that musical.
In this article, guitar teacher Jaromy Tagg from A-Sharp Guitar Instruction in Richland, WA explains how to master scales on your guitar faster, and learn how to make them sound more musical quickly.

Normally when learning a scale, we automatically assume to play the scale up and down repeatedly. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it can slow down your ability to learn the scale, and be creating music.

Jaromy says that when he was first learning to play his scales, he learned some very valuable principles that helped not only master all his scales quickly, but also help to make them very musical. He knows these principles are effective, because he watched other guitar players he knew trying the old method with very slow growth.

So you might be wondering at this point, how is it possible to learn scales so fast? You may feel like it’s a slow process, and that you might not be able to ever make your scales musical. Read on for the surefire principles that will help you learn how to master them quickly, and make them sound musical.

Principle 1: Memorize Your Scale ASAP!
Now you may be thinking “Really? How is that going to lead to mastery??” As soon as you memorize your scale, then you should no longer need to play it up and down over and over again.

You may also be saying “Well this is obvious, I already have them memorized.” Great! Now choose a new key to do this in. If you have every scale memorized in every key, awesome! Move to the next and skip this one.

Just to clarify, you do not need to memorize every scale in every key to move forward. Start with ONE scale shape at a time.

Principle 2: Play Over A Backing Track
You will need to either create or find a backing track to use. Make sure you are using a backing track from the correct key.

For example: A minor Pentatonic would be played over an A minor backing track. While playing over the backing track, you can walk up and down the scale, stopping on notes that sound nice over the track.

Challenge yourself by creating cool melodies, patterns, and licks over the track using your scale.

Principle 3: Break Down the Scale
You will continue playing over the backing track, while breaking your scale down into two and three string patterns. What this will do is allow you to really understand each area of your scale, and how it functions over the music. You’ll be able to create awesome melodies, licks, and riffs while completely mastering every part of your scale.

Take Action!
If you have not yet taken the time to test out these principles, go grab your guitar and do so now. You will not be sorry. I have seen hundreds of students accelerate the process of mastering scales and make them musical using these three simple principles.

I have also seen students neglect the principles and struggle learning the scales, and even give up because they did not take the time to utilize these three simple principles.

See for yourself, and watch your guitar playing skyrocket by following the easy, turnkey, paint-by-numbers principles on mastering your scales.

Happy shredding!

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