Playing Plateaus: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them

One thing’s for sure, plateaus happen in all kinds of activities: sports, academics, relationships, spiritual pursuits, etc. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s never experienced a plateau of some sort. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it through their plateau to achieve the results they desire. A major factor in pushing through successfully is the way people view … Continue reading “Playing Plateaus: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them”

The Mental Side Of Learning Guitar

By Paul Kleff Most guitar instruction focuses entirely on showing you how to “do things” on the guitar.  Learning guitar technique and the correct way to practice is crucial to your development and progress on the guitar.  Guitar players (especially beginners) often overlook the mental side of becoming a great musician. Learning how to stay … Continue reading “The Mental Side Of Learning Guitar”

Dispelling A Myth: If You Can Play Classical, You Can Play Anything Part 1:

Through my years of teaching and learning guitar there is one myth I’ve never been able to escape. “If you can play classical guitar, you can play anything.” So I’ve decided to create a small series of articles to put this myth to rest. Let’s ask a couple common sense questions first. If you wanted … Continue reading “Dispelling A Myth: If You Can Play Classical, You Can Play Anything Part 1:”

Why The “I Don’t Want To Force My Kid To Practice” Approach Is Ineffective

Your child asked for a guitar for Christmas or their birthday, so you got them one, hoping desperately that it wouldn’t be a waste of money. Months went by, and nothing happened. In fact, after Day 1, they never touched it again! So you found a guitar teacher in the Fort Worth area and got … Continue reading “Why The “I Don’t Want To Force My Kid To Practice” Approach Is Ineffective”

How To Guarantee Your Success On The Guitar

Congratulations! You’ve decided to play the guitar, but maybe you are unsure about your success, or maybe you are questioning whether this is really for you, if you have “what it takes.” I can tell you that after 10 years of teaching guitar in Fort Worth and working with over 1000 students that success is … Continue reading “How To Guarantee Your Success On The Guitar”

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