How To Play The Guitar Solo For “Pumpin'” by Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani has a new song out, “Pumpin’” and it’s wild. Here’s how to play the guitar solo: The Solo At 1:38 we’ve got a single finger slide in D minor pentatonic. Only pick the first note. Execute extreme vibrato at the end of the phrase. Next at 1:43, we have a pretty standard pentatonic … Continue reading “How To Play The Guitar Solo For “Pumpin’” by Joe Satriani”

Our Philosophy on Sales

by Eric Bourassa Earlier this month, Dave Simon, creator of Kidzrock and JR Rockerz (rock band programs we license), quoted me in a podcast about sales. So I wanted to lay out my philosophy and our school’s approach to selling music lessons. For context, Dave discusses why sales is often considered a dirty word. He … Continue reading “Our Philosophy on Sales”

Muppet’s First Voice Lesson

One of our resident muppets, Princess Penelope, recently had her first voice lesson with our awesomely talented voice coach, Nina Renfro. Here’s how it went: Are you ready to improve your singing confidence so you won’t be afraid to sing for others? Need help matching pitch and improving your vocal tone so you can sing … Continue reading “Muppet’s First Voice Lesson”

10 Blues Rock Licks- Guitar Lesson

If there’s one thing I can never get enough of, it’s Marvel Legends action figures. If there’s two things, I guess M&M’s are next on the list. But if there’s THREE things I just never get tired of, add in an endless supply of lead guitar licks. In this blues rock guitar lesson, I’ve mixed … Continue reading “10 Blues Rock Licks- Guitar Lesson”

Hybrid Picking Pentatonics Guitar Lesson

Here’s one of my absolute favorite ways to add some excitement to lead guitar playing and solos. Let’s first break down the technique and scale used. What Is Hybrid Picking? Hybrid picking is a technique that combines flat-picking (using a guitar pick or ‘plectrum,’ as the greatest generation calls it) and fingerpicking. The pick engages … Continue reading “Hybrid Picking Pentatonics Guitar Lesson”

Family Friendly Activities in Fort Worth Nov 12-14, 2021

It’s a music filled weekend in Fort Worth, check it out! River and Blues Fest Panther Island is holding the River and Blues Fest for the second time this weekend. Country and blues music from some pretty well-known artists, food and drinks, and decent weather- what more could you want? Tickets are $49 single day … Continue reading “Family Friendly Activities in Fort Worth Nov 12-14, 2021”

Fort Worth Family Activities for Nov 5-7, 2021

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a weekend of no activities! Halloween did me in last week. But if you’re jonesing for something to get you out of the house Nov 5-7, here’s a few ideas: Robert Cray LIVE Billy Bob’s has no shortage of talent coming through this fall. Case in … Continue reading “Fort Worth Family Activities for Nov 5-7, 2021”

Family Friendly Activities for Halloween Weekend

Your schedule is probably jam-packed for this Halloween weekend as it is, but if you’re looking for more ways to get the kids sugared up for Oct 29-31, here are our top picks in and around Fort Worth this weekend to achieve just that. Boo At The Zoo The Fort Worth Zoo is holding its … Continue reading “Family Friendly Activities for Halloween Weekend”

4 Family Friendly Activities in Fort Worth This Weekend

Dream Park- A Public Park For All Children How have I never heard of this! The largest play area in Fort Worth includes equipment and activities designed for children of all types. People with limited mobility, sensory issues, ear implants, muscle tone issues, and more can all enjoy this specially designed park located at 2001  … Continue reading “4 Family Friendly Activities in Fort Worth This Weekend”

6 Kid Friendly Events in Fort Worth Oct 15-17

Is it the weekend already? Oh, right, my kids only went to school 4 days. That’s ok, we’re prepped for the weekend with these 5 kid-friendly things happening in our great city: Guitar Show in Arlington I am giddy with excitement. This will be my first visit to this guitar show that I have missed … Continue reading “6 Kid Friendly Events in Fort Worth Oct 15-17”

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