Don’t Get Stuck Playing Boring Music Exercises

It was February someteenth, Nineteen-Ninety-something. I was 13 years old, hanging out at my friend Travis’ house. He brought out his guitar. I asked him to show me something. He taught me Nirvana’s Come As You Are and my life was forever changed. I was playing a real song Day 1! I decided right then … Continue reading “Don’t Get Stuck Playing Boring Music Exercises”

The Modern Culture Of Music Lessons

Eric recently had the chance to be a guest on the Fort Worth Roots podcast with host Andrew Turner and guest host Sean Russell of Cut Throat Finches. WARNING at 0:28 and 5:08 Sean makes a swear Eric– Despite how this podcast has already started, we are a family friendly music school.   From what … Continue reading “The Modern Culture Of Music Lessons”

Parent Testimonial- Confidence

What follows is a quick interview with parent Melissa- her daughter, Arielle, has been taking piano lessons with us for about a year and a half. What has been the biggest impact of taking lessons with us at Fort Worth Music Academy so far? “I definitely think it’s going to be her confidence. She’s got … Continue reading “Parent Testimonial- Confidence”

Should Your Child Learn To Read Music?

Should Your Child Learn To Read Music?   A common concern I get from parents is that their child is not reading enough standard notation sheet music in their lessons. Instead, they seem to be memorizing the music or learning it by ear.   And it’s a valid concern.    I mean, if you signed … Continue reading “Should Your Child Learn To Read Music?”

Music Lessons: What To Expect 6 Months To 10 Years

Get Ready To Reset Your Expectations   You’ve got dreams for your kid.    You want them to grow up to be a successful contributor to society rather than a top performer in their Fortnite squad. For the record, I’m pretty ok at Fortnite myself (students are never impressed 🙁).   You want your kiddo … Continue reading “Music Lessons: What To Expect 6 Months To 10 Years”

Why You Should Practice Guitar In The Morning

Why You Need A New Practice Routine Almost every adult guitar student I’ve ever taught has practiced at night. And I get why this happens- mornings are busy. Days are long. You need time with your family after work, maybe a little TV to unwind before bed. And at the very bottom of the list … Continue reading “Why You Should Practice Guitar In The Morning”

3 Ways To Get Your Child Practicing

“My kiddo hates practicing at home but loves coming to lessons,” is a phrase I hear from parents regularly. Another is “I just can’t get my child to practice.” The solution is fairly simple but not necessarily easy. Here are my three tips for getting your child to practice guitar, piano, drums, voice, or bass … Continue reading “3 Ways To Get Your Child Practicing”

How To Switch Rhythm To Lead Guitar

How To Easily Switch From Rhythm Guitar To Lead Guitar In 3 Steps One of the most common questions I get asked from guitar students is how to switch back and forth from rhythm guitar to lead guitar. Frustrated guitarists share that their transitions feel forced and unnatural. They want a smoother, more integrated sound. … Continue reading “How To Switch Rhythm To Lead Guitar”

Journey “You Got The Best Of Me” Guitar Lesson

Journey’s got a new song ahead of their July 2022 album, and I’m here for it. “You Got The Best Of Me” has everything one could want from Journey- cool guitar riffs, catchy melody, and a ripping solo from guitar great Neal Schon. Tune down 1/2 step. Intro The song kicks off with a keyboard … Continue reading “Journey “You Got The Best Of Me” Guitar Lesson”

Apr 30th Concert Raffle- Target, Starbucks, and a week of Camp!

Raffle tickets are now on sale for the student concert Saturday April 30th, 2022 at Ridglea Room in Fort Worth. Purchase raffle tickets at the concert. Cash/card accepted. You can also enter the raffle NOW (do not need to be present to win). These are our biggest prizes ever! Proceeds will go to help pay … Continue reading “Apr 30th Concert Raffle- Target, Starbucks, and a week of Camp!”

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