How To Quickly Master Scales

Have you wondered why it’s sometimes hard to play scales? Or maybe you feel scales are not that hard, but they aren’t that musical. In this article, guitar teacher Jaromy Tagg from A-Sharp Guitar Instruction in Richland, WA explains how to master scales on your guitar faster, and learn how to make them sound more musical quickly. … Continue reading “How To Quickly Master Scales”

What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy?

Many of our beginner guitar students come in for their first guitar lesson without a guitar (which is great- we have extras), and ask, “What kind of guitar should I buy?” Others come in having already purchased a guitar. Sometimes it’s fine, but sometimes we have to tell them they might to get something else … Continue reading “What Kind Of Guitar Should I Buy?”

How To Get Started With Pentatonic Improvisation Never Worry About Not Knowing What To Play Again!

by Diana de Cabaruss When you are getting started with playing lead and improvising, it can be intimidating bridging the gap between knowing what scale fits what playing situation, and actually using that scale in a musical way. Just as you need to be able to recall the notes of a scale at the time … Continue reading “How To Get Started With Pentatonic Improvisation Never Worry About Not Knowing What To Play Again!”

Make Your Barre Chord Changes Smooth

by Paul Kleff The primary problem that most students have when changing barre chords is failing to reduce the chord grip tension in their fingers. By not releasing the tension in the left hand prior to attempting to move to the next chord, it is very difficult to maintain the desired hand shape and move … Continue reading “Make Your Barre Chord Changes Smooth”

Get a Kick Start On Your Guitar Playing!

by Darryl Powis This article is for you if you are in need of motivation for practising the guitar so that you can go on to achieve what you want on the guitar! It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning of the year, the middle of a month, even the middle of the … Continue reading “Get a Kick Start On Your Guitar Playing!”

3 Reasons People Give Up On Guitar

There are three commonalities I’ve noticed in people who quit and give up trying to play the guitar: 1. Deciding Not to Be Successful- Every time I’ve encountered a new student who wants to just “try it out for a few months” to see if they like it quits shortly after buying their first guitar. … Continue reading “3 Reasons People Give Up On Guitar”

5 Ways To Get Your Child To Practice Guitar At Home

Most parents want their child to practice at home. They’ve signed them up for guitar lessons at our music school in Fort Worth, and they are desperately hoping their kid will love lessons so much that they’ll just want to do it on their own. And the truth is, most kids love their lessons- they … Continue reading “5 Ways To Get Your Child To Practice Guitar At Home”

Playing Plateaus: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them

One thing’s for sure, plateaus happen in all kinds of activities: sports, academics, relationships, spiritual pursuits, etc. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s never experienced a plateau of some sort. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it through their plateau to achieve the results they desire. A major factor in pushing through successfully is the way people view … Continue reading “Playing Plateaus: Why They Happen and How to Overcome Them”

The Mental Side Of Learning Guitar

By Paul Kleff Most guitar instruction focuses entirely on showing you how to “do things” on the guitar.  Learning guitar technique and the correct way to practice is crucial to your development and progress on the guitar.  Guitar players (especially beginners) often overlook the mental side of becoming a great musician. Learning how to stay … Continue reading “The Mental Side Of Learning Guitar”

Dispelling A Myth: If You Can Play Classical, You Can Play Anything Part 1:

Through my years of teaching and learning guitar there is one myth I’ve never been able to escape. “If you can play classical guitar, you can play anything.” So I’ve decided to create a small series of articles to put this myth to rest. Let’s ask a couple common sense questions first. If you wanted … Continue reading “Dispelling A Myth: If You Can Play Classical, You Can Play Anything Part 1:”

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