Building Confidence Through Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, Drums, Voice, Bass Lessons in Fort Worth


Our mission is to teach self-confidence, creativity, and self-discipline through fun and engaging music lessons that get you playing along to your favorite songs.

We believe anyone can enjoy making music.  We transform ordinary people with no musical ability into great players who love making music. We’ve helped kids just like yours have fun making music. We offer guitar, piano, bass, voice, and drums lessons. Sign up today!

We’ll make sure your child loves making music in private lessons, bands, and our unlimited guitar program

Your child will transform from being filled with self-doubt to feeling confident, smart, and creative

We’ll get your kiddo feeling like a rockstar when they perform live onstage at our  student showcase concerts


"My favorite part about guitar lessons at Fort Worth Music Academy is the individual focus you get from the teachers. They're really good at teaching you, know what they're doing, and they're well-qualified. I definitely recommend this school to others because it's a great learning environment!" -Grant T.

Here's How We're Going To Do It:

Schedule your introductory music lesson at our Fort Worth school

Follow our simple, easy-to-follow plan for your child's success

Receive expert feedback and instruction, achieve results, and have fun!

About Us​

At age 13, I quit guitar lessons after two months of what felt like torture.  At the same time, my buddy Travis was teaching me to play these awesome Nirvana songs. I loved it. Something was wrong with this picture- I hated my guitar lessons yet I loved playing the guitar!
I figured out the problem: my teacher made playing an instrument seem hard to do. He made it feel more rigorous, like school.  To be honest with you, it made me feel like a failure. Good thing for my buddy Travis!

At Fort Worth Music Academy we believe anyone can learn to rock

 Our own teaching experience has shown that anyone can learn to have fun making music. Given enough time combined with dedicated practice and the right training, we know we can turn anybody into a musician, including you. 

We bring this dream to life for our students and their families with a variety of programs for almost any age to suit each individual's preferred way of creating music. 

After each lesson, we want you to leave our music school feeling better than when you first arrived, to feel more confident about whatever else may be happening in your life and the world around you. We want you to know you are significant and valued. We hope your experience with us is the highlight of your day and the high point of your week, every time you see us.

Love Every Lesson Or Your Money Back

We are so confident you will love every lesson at Fort Worth Music Academy that if you are ever dissatisfied with any lesson you attend, call or email us within one week of the attended lesson and we'll refund you 100% for that guitar or piano lesson.
We will transform your child from being filled with self-doubt to feeling confident, smart, and creative. Music Lessons That Make Learning Fun And Easy
We help kids develop self-confidence, creativity, and self-discipline through fun and engaging music lessons in a welcoming community located in West Fort Worth.